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Han Secrets 是马来西亚首个遵照古方, 由陆汶宗医师亲手调配, 融合汉代,日本,高丽的独一无二的珍贵古方制作,并由现代化GMP药厂生产的中医品牌。陆汶宗医师是马来西亚执业中医师,精通肝病专科 ,妇科受孕,中风调理和美容保养,拥有二十年以上的经验。

传统根基: 我们的产品遵循古老传统制作,将数百年的智慧融入到现代健康。

认证品质: 我们与认证的GMP制药公司合作,确保最高的制造和质量标准。


Han Secrets is the 1st beauty and health brand in Malaysia with ancient prescribed recipes from Han Dynasty, Japan, and Korea, founded by Mr Louis Lok. Mr Louis Lok is a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with 20 years’ experience, specialised in Liver Health, Women’s Health, Beauty Acupuncture, and Stroke Recovery.

Rooted in Tradition: Our products are crafted using time-honored traditions, infusing the wisdom of centuries into modern wellness.

Certified Quality: We partner with certified GMP pharmaceutical companies to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.

Han Secrets’ health care and beauty products are available for purchase both at our TCM office and on our official website. We provide high-quality products and expertise, guided by the principles of natural, safe, and effective solutions.

Introduction about Mr Louis Lok
  • Han Secrets Sdn Bhd 和 Herbal Legacy Sdn Bhd 创办人
    Founder of Herbal Legacy Sdn Bhd & Han Secrets Sdn Bhd
  • 脸书专页「陆医师养生帖」作者
    Founder of "Louis' Recipes" Facebook Page
  • 上海复旦大学西医学位 (M.B.B.S)
    Shanghai Fudan University Medical School (MBBS)
  • 上海中医药大学进修
    Advanced Study at Shanghai University of TCM
  • 肝病专科, 妇科受孕, 美容针灸,中风调理
    Specialize in Liver Health, Women’s Health, Beauty Acupuncture, and Stroke Recovery
  • 马来西亚各大报章与杂志健康专栏作家
    Major Newspapers & Magazines Columnist
  • Astro 电台优内容 “汶宗医师” 节目主持人
    Host of Astro Radio Program "You Streaming"
  • 英国百科全书收录为“马来西亚成功人士”
    Included as one of the "Successful People in Malaysia" By Britishpedia"
  • 马来西亚电视媒体 Astro, NTV7, 8度空间, TV2 特别嘉宾
    Malaysia Astro, NTV7, 8TV, TV2 Beauty & Health Talk Special Guest
  • 新加坡南洋理工大学 (NTU) 中医美容保健专题演讲嘉宾
    Singapore Nanyang Technological University Beauty & Health Talk Speaker
  • 新加坡新传媒八频道美容保健类节目特别嘉宾
    Singapore MediaCorp Channel 8 Beauty & Health Talk Special Guest